Who is Nancy Tyagi, age , height, biography & more

The 23-year-old fashion influencer from Baranwa village, Uttar Pradesh never dreamt she would make it to the Cannes ever. The girl came from her hometown to New Delhi with the aspiration of clearing the UPSC. However, destiny surely had other plans for her.


Who is Nancy Tyagi?

What does one need to make dreams come true? Degrees, money, high-end resources? Well, Nancy Tyagi only had her passion which led her to make her debut at the 77th Cannes Festival. The 23-year-old self-taught fashion designer managed to turn every eyeball with her flawless pink gown. And oh, she stitched that gown herself from scratch! Here is everything you need to know about the Uttar Pradesh girl and more.

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If you ever start doubting the power of dreams, do check out the story of how a small-town girl from Uttar Pradesh designed a gown and wore it to the most prestigious film gathering in the world, the Festival de Cannes.

Stunned in a pink gown came a fashion influencer from Uttar Pradesh and suddenly became an inspiration for many. What was special? Well, a small-town fashion content creator made it to the Cannes, in a gown she stitched from scratch on her own. We are talking about Nancy Tyagi!

Among the many top international celebrities of the world who graced the Cannes red carpet, was an Uttar Pradesh girl, Nancy Tyagi, who never expected to make her debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.


The girl and the gown

The 23-year-old fashion influencer from Baranwa village, Uttar Pradesh never dreamt she would make it to the Cannes ever. The girl came from her hometown to New Delhi, hoping to clear the UPSC. However, destiny surely had other plans for her.

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The lockdown halted her UPSC dream but with a silver lining. The young girl got to follow what her heart earned, dress designing.

Did she go to any fashion school? No. Did she earn any fashion degree? No either. What made her create stunning outfits from scratch?

Her strong passion!

The girl stitched a fantastic gown, a pure fashion marvel, using 1,000 meters of fabric. The jaw-dropping pink ruffled gown the girl stitched on her own and wore at her debut at Cannes was enough to turn every eyeball. The gown had a superbly long train. The girl took over a month to create this wonderful piece of art. The weight of the beautiful pink gown was 20 kg. The pink dress was enough to give the girl some real princess vibes.

And oh, her confident poses enhanced her look like nothing else.

Dress designing, social media journey, and initial hurdles

Starting from scratch and making her first debut at Cannes has not been a journey filled with roses for the girl.

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The art of dress design was not a learned skill for Nancy, but it was her heart’s calling. Her fashion influencer journey, thus is worth reading about.

The girl started gaining some recognition with her Meesho haul. Yet, like every social media influencer with minimum means but big dreams, the girl received mixed reactions. She faced several trolls on social media. Many also body-shamed the girl. However, trolls like these did not stop the girl from posting her talent and creations. Gradually, her social media following started gaining momentum. Not only did she make a place of her own in content creation, but she also started receiving appreciation.

Designing- a self-taught skill for Nancy

Nancy knew how to turn ordinary scratches into extraordinary outfits. In a world that only trusted degrees and documents, Nancy Tyagi trusted her talent and chose to be a self-taught designer. Her DIY skills have been exceptional, and with several trials and errors, the girl managed to create elaborate outfits of actresses and icons like Alia Bhatt, and Deepika Padukone among others.


What else made her debut at the Cannes special?

Nancy Tyagi Hailing from a small town, holding no fashion degrees, and yet becoming a dress designer, starting a fashion influencer journey from scratch, and stitching her beautiful gown for her debut at the Cannes at just 23 years of age are enough reasons to call this incidence a special one.

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However, there is more to the story. What made everyone in India proud was the fact that the girl to converse in Hindi on the red carpet. Yes, in times when people feel ashamed of not being able to talk in English fluently, and celebrities choose English as a medium of conversation rather than picking their mother tongues, the Uttar Pradesh girl talked to the media in Hindi with immense pride and honor. The girl also had a translator who translated the questions by the media and her responses to them.

Wait, was there any second appearance at Cannes 2024 too?

Yes. The fashion influencer made a second visit at the Cannes 2024 too, and this time in a saree gown. Was this outfit also created by Nancy herself? Of course!

Just like most of her self-stitched outfits, this one too was created from scratch. The sequinned saree gown outfit came with a beautiful backless blouse. The blouse came with a hood on it.


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