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  1. The investigation and trial of Mitchelle Blair
  2. The impact of the case on the foster care system and child welfare
  3. Interviews with survivors and experts on the effects of abuse and trauma
  4. Conclusion and call to action for change in the foster care system


Mitchelle Blair documentary Netflix

Mitchelle Blair is a name that has become synonymous with child abuse and family tragedy. Her story, which was once shrouded in secrecy and speculation, is now the subject of a gripping new Netflix documentary that delves deep into the case and its aftermath. In “Mitchelle Blair: The Untold Story,” viewers will get a firsthand look at the investigation and trial of Mitchelle Blair, as well as the impact of her crimes on the foster care system and child welfare.

mitchelle blair documentary netflix
Mitchelle Blair



Mitchelle Blair documentary

In March 2015, when an apartment eviction happened in Detroit, Michigan, it unveiled a horrifying truth. Stephen and Stoni Blair were found murdered and tortured by their mother, Mitchell Blair freezer. She had hidden their bodies in a freezer for several years.

Mitchelle Blair faced financial struggles as her relatives stopped supporting her financially and suggested she find a job. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t keep a job, leading her to fall behind on rent. With a debt of $2,206 to the apartment complex, the court approved her eviction.



Blair’s neighbors portrayed her as a lovely individual with a decent heart


mitchelle blair documentary
Mitchelle Blair kids



From an external perspective, Mitchelle Blair appeared to be a wonderful mother bringing up four blissful kids. Blair had two little girls, including Stoni, with Alexander J. Dorsey, and two children, including Stephen, with Steven Berry.

Companions and neighbors addressing The Everyday Mail said Blair was self-teaching the kids. Michigan state regulation at the time didn’t expect guardians to enlist the self-teach with the state Instruction office.

Individuals called Mitchelle ‘Heavenly messenger’, from her center name Angela, because she was popular. ” The mother is a lovely individual,” Carrie McDonald, a neighbor, said. ” She was simply going through certain things. She has a decent heart.”

The children, according to the neighbors, were rarely seen; they hadn’t seen Stephen and Stoni for over a year. ” She truly doesn’t let them outside,” Shay Wilson, another neighbor, said. ” The house is always occupied by them.


Stephen and Stoni were brutally tortured for weeks by Mitchelle Blair before they were killed.


Unbeknownst to Blair’s neighbors, Blair frequently manhandled her kids. The maltreatment increased after she purportedly discovered that Stephen had been physically mishandling her most youthful child.

Blair said she got back one day in August 2012 to find her most youthful child utilizing dolls to reproduce sexual movement. At the point when Blair scrutinized the way of behaving, the kid said Stephen had physically mishandled him. Blair claimed that Stephen had admitted to assaulting his younger brother sexually. She said:

“I went higher up and I said, Stephen, Matthew said you were bumping into him. He stood up and saw me like he had flown off the handle. He said yes, so I started punching Stephen. I put a bag on his head a couple of times, and he lost consciousness.

Blair said she more than once poured high-temperature water over his private parts, stripping off his skin. She made Stephen drink Windex and lifted him utilizing a belt folded over his neck. Stephen succumbed to his injuries on August 30, 2012, after being beaten for two weeks.

Blair, who guaranteed Stephen’s passing was coincidental, put his body in a cooler. After nine months, she found that Stoni was purportedly physically mishandling her most youthful child and manhandled Stephen. Blair rehashed the torment standard, starving, singing, beating, and stifling Stoni.

Stoni died on 25th May 2013 using strangulation. Mitchelle admitted that she planned to kill Stoni:

“She assaulted my child. I deliberately killed her. At the point when I figured out how Stoni was treating Matthew it was nine months after the fact after I looked into Stephen. Thus, for the entire nine months that we were in the house, she was all the while assaulting my kid. I didn’t have a clue about that.”


Blair, who’s carrying out a daily existence punishment, said she would rehash her activities

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J. Trevino/Detroit Free Press


Following the second homicide, Mitchelle Blair stated that she intended to surrender to the police, but her son informed her that he wanted her to remain. In this manner, she enveloped Stoni’s body with plastic and put it in the cooler on top of Stephen’s body.

Blair showed no regret during her preliminary, during which she was consistently hindered by explosions. “[ She stated, “They] had no remorse for what they did to my son.” There could have been no other choice. There’s no justification for assault. I would kill them once more. I don’t feel regret for the passing of the evil spirits.”

In June 2015, Blair confessed to two counts of first-degree murder and is carrying out a daily existence punishment at the Huron Valley Restorative Office in Michigan. She is ineligible for parole.

“They [the children] lived in awful apprehension about you,” Judge Dana Hathaway, the condemning appointed authority, said, “and I track down that so miserable for this situation. After everything is said and done, you force capital punishment on your kids.”

During a jail interview with Genuine Wrongdoing Every Day, Mitchelle Blair said she persevered through sexual maltreatment as a youngster and educated her mother, however, her mom sat idle. Blair portrayed the rape of youngsters as a reprehensible wrongdoing. ” Assuming there is one thing I would kill over, it would be that,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter to me anyone’s thought process, she needed to go, period,” Blair said that she accomplished for her child what her mom couldn’t do many years prior. ” At the point when I say he has a conclusion, he got it. I know precisely everything he was feeling. Because that was how I used to feel, I could relate to what he was going through.

Investigator Carin Goldfarb said the specialists tracked down no proof of assault on the kids.


Blair’s enduring youngsters are flourishing after the courts would not give care to their dads


mitchelle blair freezer

After the revelation of Stoni and Stephen’s bodies, Detroit Police Boss James Craig helped individuals to be careful to remember the enduring kids:

“While we as a whole comprehend the longing to understand what occurred in that house areas of strength for is, will request that you be aware of the two kids who were likewise there and are as yet residing. They’ve experienced a great deal, a colossal injury.”

Clinical assessments and declarations from the youngsters uncovered they’d persevered through broad maltreatment. As per MLive, clinical experts found 25 scars and wounds on the enduring child’s back. They additionally found scars and wounds reliable with beatings incurred utilizing an electrical line.

Blair’s most established girl uncovered that her mom hit her with a hair curler, breaking one of her front teeth. The then-17-year-old likewise had scars from whippings and igniting with irons.

Specialists directed their concentration toward the youngsters’ dads, whom they blamed for disregarding their parental obligations. ” I did it! I never attempted to say I didn’t. I did it!” Blair hollered in court. ” Yet, that doesn’t nullify the way that they [the fathers] were never there for their youngsters.”

Aide Head legal officer Kelli Megyesi contended in court that the youngsters’ natural guardians didn’t merit authority. She expressed that because of the guardians’ inaction, the kids got through ‘torment, dread, mental dehumanization, actual dehumanization, renunciation, and deserting’.

Megyesi blamed the dads for neglecting to safeguard their youngsters. MLive was informed by Dorsey, who owed $39,000 in child support, that he hadn’t seen Stoni in two years. I figured she’d do it to herself,” Dorsey said. ” I didn’t figure she’d do it to my child.”

Dorsey said he’d seen blemishes on his girls’ bodies yet didn’t go up against Blair about them. Berry, who owed more than $11,000 in kid support, contended through his lawyer that he was ‘controlled by the mother’ and there was no proof that he had some awareness of the maltreatment.

The court stripped the dads of authority, which ended up being the ideal choice: the youngsters are flourishing. Judge Edward Joseph told The Detroit Free Press:

The kids went above and beyond. The two kids defeated most of the misfortunes they experienced in the situation.”


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