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Dhiraj Takri is an Indian Social media star and English teacher. He is famous for his Instagram videos. Dhiraj Takri’s American-accent English lessons videos on Instagram are catching the attention of many on the Internet. He has a large fan base on Instagram. He is well-known for his American-accent English lessons videos. He’s here to make an impression on the crowd and win their hearts.



Dhiraj Takri

Dhiraj Takri Wikipedia


Dhiraj Takri, a 21-year-old from Odisha, India, has become a sensation on social media for his impressive English teaching skills. He grew up in a simple family with four siblings, facing financial challenges that fueled his determination to overcome obstacles.

Name Dhiraj Takri
Date of Birth 2003
Age 21 year old
Birth Place Odisha, India
Material status Unmarried
Instagram Name @Dhirajtakri
Nationality Indian
Father Name NA
Mother Name NA
Religion Hindu
Weight 66 Kg
Height 5.7 Feet
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Net Worth N/A

Who is Dhiraj Takri?

Dhiraj Takri is an Indian Social media star and English teacher. who recently made waves for his English lessons videos on Instagram. Even without formal education and facing challenges in his 12th-grade exams, Dhiraj decided to master the English language. In 2019, his love for singing Christian songs at church motivated him to start learning English, leading to his unique linguistic journey.

Age, Early Life, Wikipedia, Education, Biography

Dhiraj Takri was born in 2003, in India (21 as of 2024). He was raised in Odisha, India, where He acquired his primary and secondary schooling. He has been interested in Teaching, since he was a youngster, Starting in 2021, Dhiraj focused on acquiring an authentic American accent. His goal was not just to speak well but to understand native English speakers. To make learning enjoyable, he used memes and movie clips in his teaching, creating a unique and engaging experience.

He is very active on social media, particularly Instagram, where he has over 1 million followers. he shares videos of himself. He also communicates with his followers and keeps them up to speed on his personal and professional life. In August 2023, Dhiraj joined Instagram, where he initially faced criticism. Today, with nearly a million followers, he’s Instagram’s favorite English teacher, bringing a desi touch to his lessons.

Dhiraj Takri Height, Weight

He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 66 kg. His hair color is Black and his eye color is brown.

Creative Content and Recognition

Dhiraj’s content, mixing Indian, British, and American accents, has become popular among people from different backgrounds. Using memes and movie clips, he turned language learning into a fun experience. Despite limited resources, he takes pride in his journey and continues to refine his teaching and accent.

Originally supported by his mother’s bangle-selling efforts, Dhiraj’s family has seen positive changes. His elder brother now manages the household, and the whole family celebrates Dhiraj’s success. As he keeps teaching and improving, Dhiraj embraces his identity as a “melting pot of accents.”

As mentioned in his Instagram bio, Dheeraj teaches how to speak English like a native through his tutorials, without ever going abroad, reports India Today. Dheeraj has more than 9 lakh followers on Instagram and his account is also verified.




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