Boy Meets World Cast Reflects on Previous Defense of Brian Peck: Insights Revealed

The entire episode of Pod Meets World that aired on February 19 was devoted by Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel to their experiences with Boy Meets World guest star and convicted sexual abuser Brian Peck.

brian peck on boy meets world
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brian peck on boy meets world


The co-has were joined by family advisor Kati Morton to talk about the time Friedle said they were “on some unacceptable side of everything.” Peck made appearances on two Boy Meets World season 5 episodes and became friends with Strong and Friedle. The cast wanted to address Peck since his episodes are coming up in the web recording (the unit’s arrangement is generally more episode recap-situated), and because Peck’s story will be highlighted on an impending docuseries about past supposed maltreatment on numerous Nickelodeon sets. For this documentary series, Quiet on Set, Fishel stated that Strong and Friedle were contacted for statements regarding Peck.

“I didn’t exactly attend parties. I didn’t do that stuff. But after Boy Meets World, I was working a lot, and this guy had become so ingrained in my life that I took him to three shows,” Friedle stated. The individual he introduced was this extraordinary, interesting person who was great at his specific employment, and you needed to spend time with him. I saw him consistently, spent time with him consistently, conversed with him consistently.” Solid likewise said he used to spend time with Peck “constantly,” regardless of being 20 years separated in age.


The Pod Meets World web recording typically includes, Areas of strength for Friedle Fishel recapping episodes of the show alongside the background data on what shooting the show was truly similar to. However, they separated today with an alternate configuration after getting some information about Peck for Calm On Set, choosing to utilize their webcast episode all things being equal.

Friedle said he turned into a companion of Peck’s soon after he joined the show.

“I didn’t exactly attend parties. I didn’t do that stuff. Yet, I was working significantly after Kid Meets World, and this person had so charmed himself into my life, I took him to three shows after Kid Meets World,” Friedle told the co-has. ” I saw him every day, hung out with him every day, and talked to him every day. This was the kind of thing where the person he presented was this great, funny guy who was good at his job and you wanted to hang out with.

Solid said he Peck and hung out a lot beyond work, besides the 20-year age contrast between the two.

Fishel revealed that cast members would frequently eat lunch with Peck, who was gay.


“‘For what reason would you say you are folks going to lunch with this person’? ‘ For what reason is this person going to Rider’s home for a party?”‘, Fishel said. ” There was likely a piece of them that didn’t say it since they were apprehensive it would have been taken as homophobia, rather than, ‘This is a limit, gay or not. This is a limit about grown-ups and kids.'”

At the point when Peck was captured in 2003, Friedle said the entertainer called him crying and “quickly turning it to where it wasn’t his issue, it was the shortcoming of his casualty.” Friedle at first accepted he was coming clean. ” My nature at first was, ‘Old buddy, this can’t be. It’s have to be the other individual’s shortcoming.’ The story appears to be legit the way that he’s truism it.”


Neither Friedle nor Solid acknowledged how serious the argument against Peck was.

“He didn’t say that nothing had occurred. So when we caught wind of this case and had much familiarity with it, it was consistently with regards to, ‘I did this thing, I’m blameworthy. I will take anything that discipline the public authority decides, however, I’m a survivor of jailbait. There was this hot person! He is too young for this, and I just did this.’ What’s more, we purchased that storyline.” Rider said. ” Because back then, you couldn’t use Google to find out what people were being accused of, I never heard about the other things. So by and large, he was making a request bargain and conceding a certain something, which is all he confessed to us, however, it seems as though he was being accused of a progression of violations, which we didn’t have the foggiest idea.”

Peck had Serious areas of strength and asked Friedle to help him in court. They concurred, and composed letters to the appointed authority with all due respect.

“We’re sitting in that court on some unacceptable side of everything … The casualty’s mom turned and expressed, ‘Take a gander at every one of the celebrities you carried with you. Also, it doesn’t change how you treated my child,'” Friedle shared. ” I just stayed there needing to kick the bucket. It was like, ‘What on God’s green earth am I doing here?’ It was horrifying in every way.

He proceeded, “We haven’t recounted the entire story, however, it doesn’t change the way that we got it done. I actually can’t get the words out to portray everything that I’m feeling within myself.”

Friedle is as yet impacted right up to the present day by what he and Solid experienced.

“There’s a genuine casualty here. Furthermore, he turned us against the victim and made us part of his team. That is the thing where, as far as I might be concerned, I glance back at that as my steadily cherishing disgrace for this whole [thing],” he said. ” Getting taken in by someone who’s a decent entertainer and a controller, I could credit there’s just nothing that can be done about it. It’s dreadful. I will involve that for my development as a person, yet when there’s a real casualty included and presently I’m on the victimizer’s side, that is what I can’t move past and haven’t had the option to move past.”

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