Namenj Biography, wiki, History, Real Name, Religion, Songs, And 2more

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Namenj Biography, wiki, History, Real Name, Religion, Songs, And 2more



Namenj Biography


Namenj whose real names are Ali Jubril Namanjo is a famous Nigerian artist from the northern part of Nigeria.

He was born and raised in Ibadan where he completed his primary and secondary school education.

Upon his graduation from college, Namenj started making cover hits which made him popular in Arewa.

Namenj is no doubt one of the best artists making waves in the North Side. His music is top-notch and touches the soul.

Due to his wonderful music, Namenj made his way into the EMPAWA AFRICA and was selected by Mr. Eazi to lead the generation of all the arewa singers.

Since starting his music career Namenj has released an uncountable number of music to his credit.


namenj biography


Namenj whose genuine names are Ali Jubril Namanjo is a renowned Nigerian Musician from the northern side of Nigeria.


Have you listened to one of the songs released by this young talented musical artist Namenj? If you haven’t then I will urge you to listen to some of his tracks because they touch the soul.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some information about this popular Arewa singer called Namenj.


Namenj Real Name

A lot of fans and people have been searching for the name of this young talent, his real name is Ali Jubril Naranjo.


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Namenj Religion

From his name above nobody should tell you that the Namenj is a Muslim by religion.

namenj biography



Short Summary of Namenj Biography

Name: Ali Jubril Namanjo.

Place of birth: Ibadan.

Tribe: Hausa.

Religion: Proud Muslim.

Relationship Status: Single.


Namenj Songs

  • Nobody.
  • Rayuwat.
  • Fatana.
  • Aure.
  • Watarana.
  • Rai Na.
  • Magana.
  • Taredake.
  • Ki Yafe Min
  • Daram Daram.


Namenj Net Worth

Namenj is a popular Nigerian singer. He is estimated to be a net worth of over $200,000.



In this article, we provide you with a Biography of Namenj, if you like please share it with your loved ones.


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