Megha Thakur Biography, Wiki, Birth, Age, Death

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Megha Thakur (2001-2022) was an Indian-beginning Canadian web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with, who advanced body energy and South Asian portrayal in Canada.

She had a large following of admirers who looked up to her for her dance skills and compassionate viewpoints. She died in Canada on November 24, 2022, for unknown reasons.


Megha Thakur Biography / Wiki

Megha Thakur was born on July 17, 2001, making her 21 years old. India at the time of death). Her zodiac sign was Disease. Her parents relocated to Ontario’s Brampton when she was one year old. Megha graduated from Mayfield Secondary School in 2019. She was a student at Western University in Canada when she passed away.

Megha Thakur Biography / Wiki


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Megha Thakur’s physical description

Megha Thakur was attractive to look at and her height was 5′ 6″. His weight was about 40 kg. He had black eyes and hair.

  • Height-5′ 6′
  • weight-40kg
  • Hair color-Black
  • Eye color-Black


Megha Family Details

There is not much information available about Megha’s family.


Megha Thakur was of Indian origin

When Megha Thakur was only one year old, her parents migrated to Canada. After passing out from Mayfield Secondary School in the year 2019, he joined Western University for further studies and made his TikTok debut soon after joining college. Megha used to make references to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid in her videos. Megha Thakur was also popular on Instagram and had more than 100,000 followers.


Is heart attack the cause of death?

Let me tell you that Megha had a heart attack even 4 months before her death. He shared this information with the fans through social media. In a video on Instagram in July she said, “I have nervousness which turned into stress and I had a heart attack. I am fighting it. Megha is believed to have died of a heart attack.”

In an Instagram post from their profile, her parents shared that Medha died suddenly on November 24. Megha’s parents through a social media post said, “It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that the hope of our lives our kind-hearted, loving and caring, and beautiful daughter Megha Thakur passed away on November 24, 2022.” has passed away untimely”


Megha Thakur Biography / Wiki

Unknown Facts about Megha Thakur

A few days before her death, Megha Thakur also suffered a heart attack and shared the information on Instagram.

Megha’s fans believe that Western University had given Kovid-19 vaccine to its students. Because of this incidents like heart attacks are coming to the fore and due to that Megha also became a victim of a heart attack.

Megha was known for promoting body positivity with her fellow students.

Apart from social media, Megha used to share her thoughts through podcasts on Spotify in which she used to share health-related information related to mental disorders.

Megha was an emerging model and had modeled for many products.

Megha was popular on Tiktok where she has more than one million followers. He has 10 million followers on Instagram.

Megha Thakur passed away on November 24, 2022.



Q. How did Megha Thakur TikTok died?

A. She claimed in one video that her anxiety got so bad that she had a heart attack. In a July video, she stated, “I have really bad anxiety, which turned into stress, which turned into a heart attack.”

Q. What is the cause of dead Megha Thakur?

A. In an Instagram post, her parents confirmed that the adored Canadian influencer passed away on November 24 in the wee hours of the morning. Thakur recently revealed that she had a heart attack in July, which was thought to have been brought on by stress and her persistent anxiety.



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